Tai Chi Class for beginners...   


 I have returned from my training at the YMAA retreat center and begun my search for a place to teach.

Because I have been away for three years, I am seeking new students. While I look for a new home for YMAA Tai Chi Ch'uan of Wisconsin, I am willing to teach private lessons, at your choice of location.  Available topics include:

  • Mirror image Tai Chi  (Eight forms mirror image Right & Left)
  • Tai Chi Qigong  (Primary set, Coiling Qigong, Spinal Qigong)
  • Tai Chi Ball Qigong
  • Tai Chi Ch'uan Classic Form  (112 forms)
  • Tai Chi Saber (upon completion of Tai Chi Classic Form)

If you would like more information use the contact form or call today. (414-350-5248)